Lindsay Lohan – Interview Magazine

Lindsay Lohan has hit the pages of the February 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. She sat down with Lauren Hutton and she spoke quite candidly about her life and some of the decisions she has made in her past. Those decision still haunt her to this day. Check out one snippet from the interview below along with a few pictures. You can check out the full interview here.

  • I just feel as though it’s become a situation where people have manifested this caricature of who I am, and they act as if there’s no real person inside of it. I mean, people really have come to believe-directors, producers, agents, whoever it may be-that I started in this because I wanted to be a celebrity. But that was never my intention.

Lindsay Lohan Starts Off ’09 In Miami

Lindsay Lohan has been keeping busy following Sam around. Their last stop was a New Year’s Eve bash in Miami to start off 2009. Sam was the deejay, while Lindsay hosted the party. The following day, she hit the beach for some sun and a kiss from a cute guy. No, she’s not cheating on Sam. The guy happened to be five years old, and he is her biggest fan. Check out the pictures below.

Happy New Year from All Things Lindsay. Sorry for the quiet lately. The holidays were a bit crazy. This will be your source for Lindsay news in 2009.

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Lindsay Really Doesn’t Like Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook deleted her account thinking she was trying to pretend to be herself. She went straight to her My Space blog and vented about the deletion. Her account was restored within 24 hours following her blog post. Now it has happened again. This time, the account of her girl pal Samantha Ronson has been deleted on Facebook. This once again forced Lindsay to head to her My Space blog to vent about the deletion. She is hoping that someone at Facebook sees her post and restores Sam’s account. Here is her vent below.

Okay – to whom it may concern. i have written to the powers that be at Facebook again regarding Samantha Ronson’s page that was disabled just as mine was for the same reason (s)…
so PLEASE put hers back exactly the way it was as you guys at Facebook did for mine.
Thank you if anyone out there is reading!!!!!

xoxo Lindsay

A Dedication From Lindsay Lohan

Early Tuesday morning, Lindsay once again went to her blog. This time with a dedication to gal pal Samantha Ronson. The two have been out and about quite a bit lately. The two headed to Miami for a quick trip over the weekend. Lindsay was seen partying it up until 5am one night. The two came back Los Angeles, and there are rumors flying that Lindsay braved the rainy weather in Los Angeles to buy Sam a ring. Check out Lindsay’s dedication below.

“this is for samantha ronson
here you go baby hahahahahahaahaha
everyone should watch it late night!
i know ‘i’m so embaressing’

She dedicated season two and three of Without a Trace. There is obviously some kind of inside joke there.

Sean Penn Wants Lohan

This might be a shocker to some, but apparently Sean was recently chatting up Lindsay Lohan on the possibility of the two of them working on a movie together. No idea on what the actor has in mind, but he is riding high right now on the success of Milk, and it would be great to see Lindsay do something better than Mean Girls.

With a name such as Sean Penn attached to the project, it is bound to be good. We will just have to wait and see if it actually ends up happening. Lindsay’s career has been much too quiet lately. She’s become Sam’s groopie.

Lindsay Asks Paparazzi To Stop

Lindsay Asks Paparazzi To Stop

Lindsay Lohan has been going to her blog a lot lately, and she has gone to it once again to clear up the rumors that her and her girl Sam have been having problems in their relationship.

She is getting upset about the constant questions about her and Sam and their relationship. When she goes out without Sam on her arm or by her side, the press always asks her if there are problems. Lindsay is tired of this, and she vented to her blog about it. This is something she seems to be good at. She said the following:

today i was out with my friend Jamie and paparazzi wouldn’t stop asking me where samantha was. and i’m not writing this blog because i feel like i need to prove that i’m with my girl to anyone at all. but because it’s just annoying. and i want to vent. and i love myspace because it allows me to vent without having to deal with the noise of the “tabloids” and “stalkerazzi’s” ….

all in all-they should just stop asking altogether, once and for all if she and i are broken up because frankly, if we ever ever did…. i would say it before they could even think of asking. i’d say it here probably… i say everything here on myspace.

So the press just need to leave her alone!

Lindsay Lohan Supports Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan took to her blog once again early Sunday morning to vent about an issue that was bothering her. She didn’t have the energy for it though, and instead decided to show her support Britney Spears by showing her music on the post. Her exact words were:

on another note. in support of a talented woman…
enjoy the music
love always

Currently listening:
By Britney Spears

Sunday showed her back in Los Angeles out and about. Check out these pictures of her out Sunday from The Gossip Girls.

 lindsay-lohan-satine-1278-12.jpg lindsay-lohan-satine-1278-13.jpg lindsay-lohan-satine-1278-15.jpg

Lindsay Takes On The Big Apple

Lindsay Lohan’s life as Samantha Ronson’s personal groupie continues on. Samantha was in New York City last night performing as a DJ at the 2008 Nascar Sprint Cup Series’ Championship Party. After Sam was done with her duties, the couple were seen at the Beatrice Inn.

Dina and family are also in NYC right now. All the Lohan’s are staying at the same Manhattan motel. Lindsay is looking great lately. Check out some pictures of her below.

lindsay-sam-nyc-1248-12.jpg lindsay-sam-nyc-1248-15.jpg lindsay-sam-nyc-1248-16.jpg

Facebook Speaks Out On Lindsay

A couple of nights ago, Lindsay Lohan took to her blog steaming mad because her account on facebook had been disabled. She went straight to her My Space blog to complain about the account’s access being taken from her. By the next day, a spokesperson for Facebook had spoken out about the situation.

Her claim was an incorrect assumption of the issue. We’ve explained the actual issue to her and it has been resolved. We don’t comment on the details of individual users, including their interactions with us, without their consent. However, since she has made her account status public, I can tell you that the actions taken were to enforce our terms of service and not a mistake. We’ve since been in touch with Ms. Lohan and the issue has been resolved.

So now we can all wonder just what Lindsay did to violate Facebook’s Terms of Service. She mentioned on her blog, she was going under a fake name. One source reports that Lindsay was going under the name Lindsay Ronson on her Facebook account. As of this morning, the account has been restored.

Check out some recent pictures of Lindsay out with Sam Ronson earlier this week below.

lindsay-sam-club-1228-1.JPG lindsay-sam-club-1228-3.jpg lindsay-sam-club-1228-6.jpg lindsay-sam-club-1228-8.JPG

Lindsay Takes To Her Blog On Rumors

It has been a busy blogging night for Lindsay Lohan. First, she took to her blog to vent about her issues with Facebook on Monday, and not long after that she took to her blog for a second time. This time to clear up some rumors about her and girlfriend Sam Ronson. This is straight from Lindsay herself.

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up:)take care xxLL

There you have it folks. Lindsay and Sam are NOT breaking up.